2:07 PM

In early February, Texas experienced a winter storm. They say it was a once-in-a lifetime kinda thing. Cities across the state lost power for days, and downtown Houston was covered in snow! Grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations closed. We hunkered down in our little house with our pets, and my aunt, who happened to be visiting. She made us coffee without electricity, and entertained us. 

At the end of the week, John told me he wanted to take me out for a special post-Valentines dinner & to "dress up." I was excited to be going on a date night. In the moments before we left, he proposed in the sweetest way. He had made a custom collar for Posie. I cried, we drank champagne, and went to dinner to celebrate. But the surprises kept coming!

We drove to Conroe to visit with my parents. He had organized for both of my sisters to be there! We had the best weekend, and cannot wait for our journey to begin!


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