Punta Cana

8:54 AM

I recently returned home from a 5 day stay in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. In the weeks leading up to my trip, I was so so nervous. I've traveled a bit in my life, but traveling as an adult is still a new concept for me. I've never been on a trip without my family, or without a partner. Also, with all the recent events in the news. But after all the changes this spring, I thought getting away would be good for me. So, I went along with a few new girlfriends. I'm so happy I did.

I'm not the type to prepare a travel guide, we stayed at an all inclusive resort, but I did experience some magical empanadas, and went on a few adventures (also new for me!). If you know me, you probably know that typically on vacation I'm found on the beach with a book in hand.

On the first day of the vacation, Kim & I (picture above) went to the spa where we had massages. The entire (ENTIRE!) trip, I had the giggles, but for some reason, it was extreme in the relaxtion room. I later apologized to Kim for the least relaxing massage she'd ever received because I couldn't stop laughing.

Later, we visited Saona Island. We took a catamaran out to the island, which is a nature preserve. They fed us some delicious bbq, and we swam in the ocean for a couple of hours. The ocean felt like bathwater, and was crystal clear.

On our final full day, Kim and I took a dune buggy out for a few hours. This was definitely one of my favorite parts (& I'd never ridden in a dune buggy before!). Through our ride, we saw lots of local children, and visited some hot spots, like a cave with the clearest swimming hole I had ever seen and Macau beach. That afternoon, we went to a local restaurant where we ate empandas, mofongo, and Dominican tacos. (I'm still craving those shrimp empanadas!!).

I left with a tan, coco butter, coffee, and Mama Juana (a local drink!!).

Now I have the travel itch, and have been scouting for new deals. 

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