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I'm 27 today, so I went through my photos from the last year and selected a few of my favorites. & to commemorate 26, here are 26 things I did in the last year (& 26 photos!): 

1. Traveled to Seattle to visit Emmie. Together, we saw Mamma Mia! the Musical, drank too much coffee, and went to some neat bars. 
2. Started a new job.
3. Had many friends visit me in Nashville! 
4. Read 60 books. 
5. Joined a book club! 
6. Started keeping a daily journal (really proud of this one!) 
7. Won a game night. haha. 
8. Made a better effort to hang out with friends. 
9. Went to a lot! of weddings. 
10. Hosted a Christmas Party. 
11. Visited California twice! 
12. Spent a weekend in DC (a place I'd never been before!).
13. Where I visited more than 8 museums! 
14. Visited Baltimore! (Another place I had never been before.) 
15. Dressed up as Princess Leia & Arya Stark for Halloween. 
16. Saw Cher live in concert! 
17. Went to a Symphony performance for the first time! 
18. Went to multiple beer fests! 
19. Went Keto for 3 weeks. 
20. Bought a lot of houseplants! I'm obsessed. 
21. Cut my hair (& grew it back) 
22. Drank moon water. 
23. Spent less time at Nudies. (not sure if I should be happy or sad about this one??) 
24. Talked on the phone wayyyy to much. 
25. Took about a million photos (& upgraded my iPhone storage). 
26. and lastly, said goodbye to my precious Molly dog. This one is really sad. But I loved her so much I had to include it. 

I'm looking forward to 27! Xx

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