Molly 💕

3:36 PM

Molly has been in my life for the past 14 years. But for the past 5 years, she’s been my life.

 I remember a year after moving to Nashville, marveling at the fact that I alone had kept her alive. That I had fed her & walked her & that she depended on me. But really, during that time, she was keeping me alive. The year I brought Molly to Nashville was one of the most isolating experiences of my life — moving across country, knowing almost no one, and starting law school. But every day, after class, I’d return home to my shoebox apartment & she’d be there. & she’d always be able to sense my moods. I used to joke that she was my familiar, that part of my soul was inside of her, because she knew me so well. Even during the last few days, when she was at her worst, she’d follow me room to room & snuggle closer to me when my heart was breaking imagining one moment without her. 

Today, my world has gone a little bit darker without her light & I can’t stop wishing that I’d stayed in more nights with her, gave her more chick fil a, and stayed in bed longer with her. 

I love my little precious pup. ❤️

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