The Shortest Day of the Year

8:30 AM

Today is December 21 -- the shortest day of the year. And that also means only 4 more days left until Christmas. Last night,  after getting home quite late,  I started trying to pack up all of the frivolous purchases I've made in the last month or so under the pretense of "what a great Christmas gift." I went through three suitcases before admitting to myself that I would need the largest one. So now, I have the largest suitcase packed to the brim, and no clothing or other items I need for my vacation in it. But I'll leave work early today and try to figure it out.

Over the past few weeks, I've attended several holiday events. Parties of friends, my own party, the "Science of Beer", visiting the Christmas Light show in Lebanon, etc. Christmas is exciting, but what I savor more than anything is the anticipation. I guess everyone else does also -- that must be what accounts for the Christmas Creep that begins in the days immediately following Halloween. But I'm still looking forward to this final weekend before the holiday where I plan on stuffing in as much festivity as possible.


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