If I Woke Up With a Talent

8:52 AM

The other day,  I was browsing the web, when I came across an interesting question -- if you could wake up tomorrow with another talent, what would it be? Almost instantly, I knew I would want to speak another language or play the piano, but wondered what others would want. So, naturally, I began asking everyone. One friend said he would want photographic memory, one said he would be a writer. Other answers included learning to sing, playing an instrument, learning to dance, speaking languages. What is stopping us?? It seems to me that with enough work any of these would be possible.. well, minus the photographic memory. Maybe I should get started??? Ciao. XX

**photos taken at Renwick Gallery "No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man" exhibit

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  1. Love this thought. Talent and skill will meet up eventually with enough time dedicated! I think I would also pick linguistics.


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