9:00 AM

In my free time, while I'm driving or working out, I like to listen to podcasts. My interests vary greatly. Lately, I've been listening to Ear Hustle, Dr. Death, How I Built This and Rise Together. What I typically like are true crime & inspirational podcasts. Do you listen??

I don't recall which podcast it was, but I remember hearing once that traveling doesn't really allow you to get away. Happiness isn't outside our window, but is based on our perspective. Sometimes, when I'm feeling overwhelmed, I have the urge to just getaway. In times like those, I typically visit family. That is what happened here. I needed to get away, and get a new perspective, so I went to Baltimore.

I spent two days with my sister eating crab, window shopping, painting, and catching up. I realize my happiness level isn't based on what is outside my window, but sometimes when the view changes, my perspective can too.

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