Seattle Springtime

4:48 PM

Sometimes the clouds break and rainy days turn bright. 

I had been to Skagit Valley once before to see the tulips in bloom. This isn't an 'If you've seen them once, you've seen them a hundred times' sort of experience. I was extremely excited to make it back again. When leaving Seattle I was prepared for a day of gloomy rain. However, as I approached my destination I saw blue in the corner of the sky. I even thought that it would be some kind of miracle if the blue sky was over Skagit Valley. It was. The closer I got, the lighter the rain, the bluer the skies. By the time I got to those bright, happy daffodils the sun was shining. (You can even see the grey sky looming in the background). 

There are moments, one being the feeling of seeing a beautiful view that's both majestic and magical, that can't be captured on photo. Often this can be felt with sunsets or full moons, where the pictures are never up to par and words we say don't quite grasp the the image either. Skagit Valley is one of those places that will continually be photographed, continually be talked about, and will forever maintain a level of awe held secret, only revealed to those who walk among the flowers. The Pacific North West is unquestionably beautiful, and saying that these fields of daffodils stood out from this beauty is an understatement. Yellow is a happy color and being surrounded in such pure yellow left me with a joy that I hope to hold on to for quite a while.

I hope that many people can one day find themselves lost in miles of beautiful flowers and find that joy too.

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