Here for the Boos!

8:58 AM

Fall is starting to come to Middle Tennessee. A lot of people love fall weather, but really I'd rather stay in a perpetual summer. Now that I've taken the Bar Exam I feel like it's too late to be considering a move to Hawaii... 

In an attempt to enjoy the remaining days of t-shirts only weather, we spent the weekend out of the house. On Friday night, we made plans to go out to Fontanel for dinner. I've mentioned it before, but Fontanel is about 15 minutes outside of downtown Nashville. Unless there is a concert at their amphitheater, you can typically get a table pretty easily. That is what we were banking on. Upon pulling up to the restaurant, we realized that a Halloween festival was in full effect. We preserved, and changed our after dinner plans from visiting the 'haunted mansion' to going towards Opry Mills and purchasing wristbands for unlimited rides on go-karts. Yes, I was scared. I need a better sense of adventure. 

On Saturday, we woke up early to attend the TN Beer & Wine Festival. The festival was fun & the weather was perfect. It was also fun for all of my friends, who were casually running into elementary and middle school teachers. I took a risk and wore these fishnet socks. Not sure if I'm too old for them? Not sure if I care? I think they're awesome. 

Still praying for a perpetual summer, 


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