Creating My Bullet Journal

8:30 AM

Recently, I was introduced to the idea of bullet journaling. Once I knew what it was, I was exposed to the 9million youtube videos extensively covering the topic. Each video is created by artists who use their bullet journal from basic agendas to museum worthy sketchbooks. I am not an artist. But I do keep lists. Everywhere. So I gathered supplies I already owned, and went to Michael's to pick up this dotted notebook (for $5!) and set to work creating my own. 

The first step is creating a future events page. Typically, people create these journals at the beginning of the new year, and thus, write out dates for the entire next year. However, since I created it in the middle of October, I just planned out my next three months with the idea of creating 2018 months when I reach them. The purpose of this page is to write important events that you have in the upcoming months. 

The next few pages are completely customizable! I created a birthday page & a live list (or a bucket list!). I used to have both of these hanging on the inside of my closet. Now, I can have them with me always! I also created a books I read list. As most of you know, I read... a lot. This allowed me to create a handy list for all the books I've been reading lately! 

Finally, I created the monthly & weekly spreads. I plan on making each one of these as the time approaches. I created a monthly calendar to write down events I have this month. 

On this page, I created a mood tracker, as well as monthly goals and habit tracker. My goals for this month include cooking more, and walking more! 

The last page I'm sharing is my weekly spread. This is the page I use for my daily "to-do's." If you have any bullet journal tips, I'd love to hear them! 

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