Magnolia Silos

8:53 AM

On Saturday, we made the 3 hour drive from The Woodlands to Waco. Many times prior to this trip, we had tried to make our way to the Magnolia Silos, but we finally bit the bullet and went! Although the drive was long, the 1.5 hours we spent at the Silos were well worth it!
The nicest part about visiting was hearing every employee talk about how relatable and nice Chip and Jo are irl (although, maybe they are paid to say that?!). But even more than that, the entire venue was set up like an amusement park for HGTV junkies. The park was huge, and even crowded, felt spacious. It housed many food trucks, and conveniently had an in-n-out right across the street. 

After spending some time at the Silos, I was inclined to scout out Magnolia Farms, where Chip and Jo live, but I'll save my stalking tendencies for another trip. 

I was nervous about bringing Molly with us, but the venue was entirely dog friendly! I was even able to bring Molly into the home decor shop. 

The first of many shots posing with our 'cowboy coffee.' 

 Still smiling with our coffee (tbh, I'd recommend skipping out on this. IF you're inclined, however, maybe share with a friend)

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