Lost in the Woods

9:27 PM

For the past month or so, every Friday I would receive a text message, "Night Hike Tonight??" Each time I would smile at the thought, and reply "Better not, tonight I have..." and rattle off some lame excuse about how I was busy or needed to study. Today, however, when I saw that message, I thought "I should go! I need exercise. Fresh air is nice! I'm a nature person!" So I went... It was downhill from there.

Feeling optimistic!

Upon arriving at the trailhead, I jumped out of the car with my water bottle in hand and new Nikes on my feet. I felt confident and ready to take on the trails. As I became acquainted with the group, I became acutely aware that I was the only member of the group to be wearing gym shoes, shorts and a tank top. Despite the 95degree weather outside, every other member of the group wore long socks, long shorts, and long sleeves. But I remained optimistic. I borrowed some bug spray.

1 minute into the hike!

15 minutes into the hike it started to become dark out. 30 minutes into the hike I began to feel faint. My 1 bottle of water was no match for the gallons the temperature and humidity were sucking from me. 45 minutes into the hike we stopped for a rest and a bathroom break. I asked the group leader, "Are we almost back?" She responded saying, "I'll let you know when we're half way."

Minute 2 of the hike! 

In the second half of the hike I tripped over 37 tree roots as I attempted to march over them, ran out of water, and walked into 3 spider webs. It was then that I borrowed a head lamp. "This will solve my problems." I flipped it on and almost immediately a swarm of bugs surrounded my head. I'll stop there. I made it home alive. Maybe I should stick to day time hikes and return my 'nature person' card...

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