Mardi Gras!! | New Orleans, LA

2:20 PM

Over the weekend, I embarked on a 3-day road trip with some friends to New Orleans, Louisiana! Last summer, I was supposed to stop in New Orleans for a day coming back to Nashville from LA, but a last minute change of plans prevented me from stopping. I'm happy I waited. Mardi Gras was worth it.

I, honestly, had the best time! I ate way too many beignets, and drank way too many daiquiris (& hurricanes & everything else), but the weather was perfect, the people were nice & I told every local I met that I wanted to move there one day. 

I love having the opportunity to jump into  a car with a bunch of friends and explore somewhere new. (P.s. my favorite part was catching the beads. I'm sorry to say that there are no pictures of that! haha)

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