Ice Skating & More on 2017

12:23 PM

On the first day of the new year, we decided to try something we hadn't done since we were kids -- ice skating! Tay skates all the time and because he is so good at it, I was especially intimidated to try it (What if I fell?! What if I couldn't stand up??). But we went, and I loved it.

This year is going to be an especially challenging year for me. In May, I'll be graduating in law school. Throughout the summer I'll be studying for the bar. And at the end of July, as a culmination of the stress of the last 3 years, I'll be taking the Bar exam. I'm hoping that ice skating will serve as a metaphor for all of the challenges I will face this year. I might be especially intimidated, but I'll try it & hopefully love it!

Happy New Year!

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