Life Lately | Nashville, TN

10:35 AM

The hardest part about being in law school, even harder than the insane amounts of reading we are required to do everyday, is the feeling of monotony that comes from being in the exact same routine everyday. It's hard not to feel like every waking second should be spent engaged in some type of school work. When I start to feel this way, it is especially important to remember that I am allowed to have a life and identity outside of being a student. Here are some of the things I have been up to in the past month (even though it's mostly been school!) 

Taylor designed this really neat miniature golf hole for the Nashville Sounds baseball stadium, so we went to the last home game of the season to check it out! 

When my parents were in town, we visited the Country Music Hall of Fame for the first time! It was such a neat experience. 

Paddle Boarding with some girl friends from law school at Percy Priest lake! 

Fontanel!! My very favorite Italian restaurant in Nashville! 

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