Letting Freedom Ring! | Holidays in Nashville & LA

9:56 AM

Our favorite way to spend holidays is to spend them together, but if we can't all do that, then our 2nd favorite way is to color coordinate our outfits and FaceTime enough so that it seems like we're together. That's exactly what we did on 4th of July. 

For the last 3 years, Hannah has spent the 4th in Nashville celebrating country style. Sarah & Emma have spent the 4th all over. Emma's favorite place to go is Seattle, but this year, both Sarah and Emma visited our parents in LA. 

Nashville fireworks are insane! The city puts so much work into making a fantastic show -- even though it rained, it was the best firework show I've ever seen! 

We hope you all had a fantastic 4th! Sending you love! Xx

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