VINAKA FIJI! | Nairukuruku, Fiji

8:40 AM

Hi Everyone!!
If you follow me on social media (insta: sarahjoyner) than you know that I just recently got home from my first volunteer trip in Fiji! To say it was a life changing event is underestimating everything that I witnessed in those 2 weeks. I met some incredible people and learned that its not things that make you happy. We stayed with host families in the village and they were actually the happiest people I have ever met, they loved God, and they were so giving even though the majority of them didn't even have shoes on their feet. We didn't have clean drinking water, our host mom's boiled water for us every night, we didn't have showers (I bathed in a river for a week!!) and we slept with frogs, rats, and bugs crawling all over the place. But I learned to just be thankful for all the things I have back home and also, even though I already knew this, how much I love my family and friends! I wasn't able to communicate with anyone for 2 weeks, (except for when my wallet got stolen I had to call my mom to have her cancel all my cards!) and I missed them so much. At the same time it was so nice to have a sort of phone cleanse. No Instagram, no Facebook, no Pinterest, it was nice to not be staring down at a phone screen and taking in every moment, because I know it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I already miss all the Fijian kids (I almost took one of them home with me ;) ) and all of the wonderful people I met there.
XO- Sarah

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