Boardwalk Bike Ride | Santa Monica, CA

5:30 AM

On Saturday morning, I went down to Santa Monica with my aunt. Together, we rented bikes and rode along the beach. We rented the bikes in SM, and rode to Venice. I hate to admit this, but before we arrived I was very nervous about riding bikes because I haven't ridden in years! But the saying is true, and as soon as I hopped on, I knew what to do! 

The weather this weekend was so beautiful! We went down to the beach around 10am, which ended up being the perfect time because it wasn't too crowded and it wasn't too hot (yet!). Next time I have visitors in town, I'm definitely taking them for a bike ride. After, we went and got acai bowls (our favorite!) I hope everyone had a good weekend! 

Thanks for stopping by today! Xoxo

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