Nature | Thousand Oaks, CA

10:27 AM

Yesterday morning we went to a local park to fly the drone we got my dad as a "Welcome Home" present. For the last 12 years, he has been working in the Middle East. There he served as an independent contractor where he spent time working on governmental projects and aiding civilians of those countries. But for the last few weeks, he has been home with us. During this time, we have been able to spend tons of time together. 

We have a few funny drone stories. One involves Grandma getting it stuck on the roof of the house. Luckily, Emma was able to get up there and get it down. Another involves me flying the drone (accidentally!) 5 streets away. Who knew that it would just take off?!?  We finally decided that the best bet would be to take it to a big open park.  While, there we also decided to snap a few pics! Hopefully, our drone flying capabilities will get good enough that  we will be able to share a cool drone video soon! 

Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo

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