Weekend In Dallas!!

8:11 AM

Last weekend I got to go to Dallas with my best friend and we had so much fun! Her dad bought her Golden State Warriors tickets for Christmas and we had a blast at the game (& yes... Zach was extremely jealous!! haha!) Afterwards we got a hotel in downtown and went out to a few different bars with some of her other friends and danced the night away. We even went on the mechanical bull, and wow was it hard, but again SO much fun!! On Saturday we went to the St Patricks Day Parade and then went shopping in a cute little shopping center! 
Overall it was a really fun weekend getaway and I am so happy we have continued to be friends through junior high!! Lifelong friends are the best!!
Xo Sarah

 Can't believe I caught this amazing shot by Steph Curry!!! Live sporting events are so much fun!

 How cute are these Texas waffles that our hotel had?!

 Proof that we rode the bull!! 

 We got the cutest tees from this boutique in Dallas called Riff Raff- check them out!! 
 Who's with me... BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN!

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