Spontaneous Disney Land Fun!

10:00 AM

We hope everyone is have a great 2016 so far! Hannah is back in Tennesee and Emma and I both just flew back to Texas and are getting settled in before school starts tomorrow. While we were still in California we decided to make a spontaneous trip to the happiest place on Earth...DISNEY LAND!
Disney land is always so much fun & we don't get to go very often so when we had a free day we thought we would make the most of it. Unfortunately, Hannah was already back in TN but our mom, Emma, Zach and I all got to go. 
XO Sarah
 Since the new Star Wars movie came out, they revamped Space Mountain. It was so much fun!! Beware: If you are scared of the dark, this ride might scare you! It was pitch black the entire time!
 The new and improved Star Tour ride, you wear glasses and it is 3D. You really feel like you are flying in outer space!

 When at Disney, you HAVE to wear mouse ears!
 One of the Disney land employees photobombed our selfie and then took this picture of us! He was so nice! (And a great photographer!!)
 We got to meet Darth Vader.... And he was scary! 

 We had a blast at the most magical place on Earth!
 Chewbacca! He was the cutest thing ever!

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