Snow Day | Winter Storm Jonas in Nashville

6:11 PM

On Friday morning, we woke up to a real life snow globe. Over the course of the last couple of days, we have ventured out. Friday afternoon we walked to a bar down the street, but we mostly just stayed in the apartment because driving conditions were so scary. Let me tell you, cabin fever is real! On Saturday, we attempted sledding, a walk around the lake, and we made it to our favorite sushi restaurant.

I haven't seen snow like this in at least a few years. It's so beautiful! When I was younger, I remember hating snow because I was always so cold! This time I was still SO cold, but I dressed as warm as I could and managed to stay outside for almost an hour. I'm so happy I was able to because walking around felt like I was in a winter village. Here are some pics, if you'd like to see!

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