Another Beach Stop | Santa Monica, CA

10:11 AM

On one of the last days we were all in California together, we went down to Santa Monica for some last minute, after Christmas shopping. While on the drive, we stopped by the beach for a few minutes. We mainly stopped to admire the view, but snapped some photos. 

While in California, we complained about the weather being cold -- but as I'm writing this, it's 19degrees outside, so I guess the complaining was a little premature. 

We're all off school today. Emma has been hard at work at the doctor's office she's assisting at. Sarah has been training for her half-marathon over Valentine's day weekend. And I'm trying to get my apartment and school work organized before another busy week. 

Thanks for stopping by! Sending you all love! Xx. 

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  1. Santa Monica is one of my favorite cities in California! Love your photos!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules


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