Trail of Lights

3:19 PM

Last night Zach & I went to Trail of Lights in Austin. If you are ever in Austin around Christmas time this is a must see! There's tons of yummy food trucks (fried food galore) & the best Christmas light show I have ever seen, the best part it is only 5 bucks a person!! We had the best time on our little Christmas date. 
XO Sarah

 Zach's favorite part was the turkey leg! :)
 The entrance, a huge tunnel of the most beautiful lights!

 Real Christmas trees everywhere!
 How cute is he in his beanie?! (One of his early Christmas presents from me)

 This sweater from Altar'd State was perfect for the chilly night walk!

 CANDYLAND was so cute, they had people handing out free candy!

 Handsome man!
 One of the many food trucks, there was everything from fried southern food, burgers, bbq, even tex mex! YUM!
 Okay, not gonna lie, the fried oreos were MY favorite part :)

The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas!

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