Tuesday's Tresses: Tips to Make Your Hair Grow

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Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite hair tips, including the things I have used to help my hair grow & tips that have helped keep my hair healthy (despite the many times I curl it every week). Beginning in May, I really made a 'hair commitment,' promising myself that I was going to help my hair grow. Here are some of my tips! 

1. Wash Your Hair Less! I try to wash my hair no more than twice a week. I do this by washing on Sundays & Wednesday/Thursday. This gives me the opportunity to wear my hair down and curled(or straightened) on Day 1 and then wear my hair in braids or buns on Day 2 & 3. 

2. Take Vitamins! Some people swear vitamins do not work, but I promise you, I have seen my hair become significantly healthier (&longer!) since I've been taking vitamins. I usually take a Women's Daily Vitamin, but I've also heard that Vitamin E works great as well! (Also, this has drastically improved my skin!)

3. Use Less Heat! This is by farrrr the hardest of me. I love having my hair curled. Like, LOVE. But I have found that if I take care of my hair when I wash it, then my curls last longer, and I don't have to break up the curling iron every day. 

4. Exercise! (& healthy eating!) This may be an old wives tale, but I truly believe my entire body benefits from exercise. I try to exercise 3x a week, and I honestly believe this helps my hair!

5. Deep Condition! This is my last tip, but my hair truly feels so much better when I deep condition at least once a week. Right now, I use this conditioner, but in the past I've used this and loved that as well.

Let us know if you have any tips on keeping your hair healthy!
Thanks for stopping by! Xx 

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