Holiday Gift Guide - For Her

5:00 AM

Hey Everyone! Today we are sharing some of our favorite gifts for her!! With the Holiday season quickly approaching (how is Thanksgiving next week?!?), we have started planning out our Christmas shopping lists! Here are a few of our favorite things, that we think would make perfect gifts for any her in your life! 

1. Voluspa Candle. These are our very favorite candles! I can't wait until the day when I can have a house lit full of them. 
2. Bow Gloves. These gloves are so chic & so feminine. I imagine wearing these for years. So pretty!
3. Blush Handbag.. I love this blush color. It's so pretty & is perfect for winter or spring. 
4. Bright Lab Lights. I have seen these all over pinterest. They look so neat and add the perfect pop of color to every wall! 
5. California Pillow. We each received one of these as a gift last year. It is so special to me. (Also, they have tons of different states and cities!)
6. Camera. These are definitely popular this year! A perfect gift for anyone. 
7. Perfume. Okay, okay. I first sampled this perfume because Kendall is the face of it. (hiding...) But I actually love it! 

What items are on your shopping list this year?? 

Happy Holidays!! Xx.

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